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Integration Guide

Follow these four steps to get integrated with Lenders API.

Step 1 - Deploy a webhook endpoint

The webhook endpoint will tell you which loan changed by reference.

Write your own code to reflect how you want to receive server notifications. This is custom to your system and preferences.

Read our webhook event documentation to learn about the data that you’ll receive on your server endpoint.

When you receive an event, you can look up the latest matches with the Search Hits endpoint. Use the reference from the event data to get the latest hits.

Step 2 - Provide a webhook

Send our team a URL that we can send webhook events to. Anytime there’s activity for a report that you have submitted, we’ll send a notification to your server.

Step 3 - Backfill prior records

At this point, we’ll share a backfill endpoint with you. We recommend uploading records from the past two years to the production environment.

Note: You will not receive notifications for backfilled records. Only forward looking records will trigger notifications.

Step 4 - Keep your records up to date

New applicants and status changes should be updated with Lenders API immediately. Use a unique reference for new applicants, and your existing reference for status updates.

You’re fully integrated!